About LPP

DSC_9606Lost Pages Press is a wasteland of ideas, snippets, and future ambitions related in some way to the history and appreciation of early Roanoke, Virginia. My name is Stephen Warren, a ‘local’ who cannot seem to shake this idea of Roanoke as a bumbling, rowdy ‘train town’ that sooner or later ‘got religion’ and cleaned up in time for Sunday services.

I like interesting stories about old Roanoke. I admire small artifacts like advertising trinkets, stamped bottles, and train ‘stuff.’ I especially try to understand and preserve old photographs and ephemera. Presently, my time is spent as a full-time social worker but I also stay active in the Norfolk and Western Historical Society and The Historical Society of Western Virginia (including the History Museum of Western Virginia and O. Winston Link Museums). For many years, I gathered and preserved papers and photos relevant to the Blue Ridge Mountains Council of the Boy Scouts of America. That collection is located now in the Roanoke Public Library’s Virginia Room, which is my other favorite place for preservation of local history.

Warrenstudio, LLC, is my parent company for several creative sidelines which include website development and hosting, content creation, and independent publishing. Although I have not published, to date, anything more than my mother’s childhood memoirs, the entity Lost Pages Press will eventually offer self-published books of local historical interest.

Content offered through this site ranges from the ‘incomplete’ to ‘almost-published’ as I explore new ideas while working on larger projects.

While I do not provide any help in the way of research assistance (due to time constraints), I enjoy helping others make contact with the appropriate resources and institutions in our area. Contact me through my site form if you want to share information, or ask me a question.


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